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About the ISC

About The Intermountain Ski Council 
The Intermountain Ski Council is a non-profit organization.
"To promote winter snow activities as a social and healthful recreation by bringing its member clubs and their members the best and most cost effective
opportunities, trips and activities, available through the association of its members, Directors, Ski Industry and Resorts."


1. To provide member clubs with membership and representation in Far West Ski Association (FWSA) and National Ski Council Federation (NSCF), with all the benefits of those organizations.

2. To provide cooperative opportunities for participating in snow sports, travel, and year-round outdoor and social activities.

3. To pursue discounts at resorts, in travel and insurance, and with vendors.Intermountain Ski Council Logo

4. To share ideas about organizing and operating a ski or sports club.

5. To assist member clubs in recruiting and retaining younger members.

6. To support charity and community programs.

ISC History

The Intermountain Ski Council had its first meeting March 17, 2007 hosted by
Snowbasin Resort.  After this intial meeting, club representatives met again May 30, 2007 in the Ogden area and decided to move forward forming the Intermountain Ski Council.  The Council is made up of individual winter and mountain sports clubs in the Intermountain West.  All clubs are welcome to join and can look forward to sharing the increased buying power a council-type group brings.  It is our goal to provide the best deals on anything relating to winter sports... trips, lodging, lift tickets, you name it, we are interested in offering it to our member clubs for use by their members.  We would like to thank our partners for the assistance and support in our creation and welcome all clubs to join us.
Want more information?  We're ready to answer your questions and we look forward to hearing from you.  Click here to contact us 

ISC is the newest council in the Far West Ski Association and member of the National Ski Council Federation (Click on the logo for more information)
 Far West Ski Association logo and link to website     National Ski Council Federation logo and  link to website
Intermountain Ski Council Clubs 
The Intermountain Ski Council has over 3,000 members belonging to 10 ski clubs who are listed here. Click on any of the club logos to learn more about the Council clubs and why your club could benefit by joining the ISC (some of our clubs do not have websites and are not linked here).

 Pocatello Ski Club Logo and link to website 
Pocatello Ski and Snowboard  Association (Pocatello, Idaho)

    Park City Mountian Sports Club Logo and link to website
Park City Mountain Sports Club (Park City, Utah)

Idaho Falls Ski Club logo and link to website           
Idaho Falls Ski Club 
(Idaho Falls, Idaho)

Snowber Ski Club
(Alta, Utah)



Cheyenne Ski Club logo and link to website
Cheyenne Ski Club 
(Cheyenne, Wyoming)

  Hill Ski Club logo
Hill Ski Club  (Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah)


Boise State University
(Boise, Idaho)


         Utah State University
(Logan, Utah)

Black Hills Ski Club logo and link to website
Black Hills Ski Club 
(Rapid City, South Dakota) 

 Bogus Basin Ski Club logo and link to website
Bogus Basin Ski Club
(Boise, Idaho)

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